The Morgue

A death at the local hospital needs to be solved and the evidence doesn’t add up. The last place you want to go is to the morgue, but you must find the evidence before the killer finds out what you know. Your team has 60 minutes to locate the evidence and discover the killer, time of death, murder weapon and the motive.

***Content Warning – The room contains a fake body, fake blood, and fake organs. ***


Players: 2-8

Difficulty: 4/10

How it Works

At our escape room in Tulsa, you and your team will have one hour to solve the case. It will take lots of puzzle solving, critical thinking, and teamwork.

All of our murder escape rooms in Tulsa are setup for ages 10+. All rooms are private. It’s up to your team to solve the case.

Designed to challenge the mind beyond the simple lock and key. At Murder Escape, you will solve a murder with your investigation team by establishing 4 forms of evidence.


3 Suspects


Motive for the Murder


Cause of Death


Time of Death

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